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Video - the Future of the Panama Canal
and how it works

Video - Future of Panama canal - how it works. Panama economy and regional role in Latin America / North America, Panama canal, Colon free zone, banking, service industries, travel, tourism and retirement homes. Panama is rapidly growing and has a significant role to play in the regional economy as a hub for trade and financial services. Potential to become a " Dubai " with growth driven by huge container port, enormous free zone (90% of exports), tourism and retired people buying first or second homes. Comment by Dr Patrick Dixon, speaker at HSBC VIP lunch time conference event.

Panama Canal view from the Ancon Hill
The Coral Princess Cruise Ship in the Gatun Locks
The Coral Princess Cruise Ship in the Gatun Locks

Panama Canal Expansion Info

The program consists in the construction of two new sets of locks - one on the Pacific and one on the Atlantic side of the Canal. Each lock will have three chambers and each chamber will have three water reutilization basins.

The program also entails the widening and deepening of existing navigational channels in Gatun Lake and the deepening of Culebra Cut.

In order to open a new 6.1 km-long access channel to connect the Pacific locks and the Culebra Cut, five dry excavation projects will be executed.